ICANN Expired Registration Recovery Policy

ICANN Expired Registration Recovery Policy
  1. Registrant at Expiration

    1.1. A Registrant at Expiration ("RAE") is defined as the registered name holder who is eligible to renew a domain name registration immediately prior to its expiration.

    1.2. If a domain name registration is modified pursuant to a term of the registration agreement authorizing the modification of registration data in relation to the expiration of the registration, the RAE is the entity or individual identified as the registered name holder immediately prior to that modification. In all other cases of transfers of gTLD registrations between registrants, the registered name holder who receives the registration is the RAE.

  2. Renewal of Registrations

    2.1. Expiration Reminder Notices

    2.1.1. Prior to the expiration of any gTLD registration ....

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Expired Registration Recovery Policy


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