Policy Updates (ICANN)

Policy Updates (ICANN)

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What Does ICANN Do?

Policy Update – The Policy Department invites you to receive monthly updates on ICANN policy development activities through a free online subscription to the ICANN Policy Update. To subscribe, simply visit the ICANN Subscriptions page, enter your e-mail address, and then click on the ICANN Policy Update. Issues of the Policy Update are also posted here for your information and reference.

SO/AC Organizations and Committees .AL domain, Web Host, Faqe interneti, Programim, çertifikata SSL

  • Policy recommendations are formed and refined by the ICANNcommunity through its Supporting Organizations (SOs) and influenced by Advisory Committees (ACs) – all comprised of volunteers from countries and territories – in a “bottom-up,” open and transparent process.
  • Each Supporting Organization has its own specific process to conduct policy development. For the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) this is process is outlined in Annex A of the ICANN Bylaws, for the Country Code Supporting Organization (ccNSO) it is contained in Annex B of the ICANN Bylaws, for the Address Supporting Organization (ASO) it is laid out in the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • A sample of ICANN stakeholders includes companies that offer domain names to the public (registrars), companies that operate top-level domain registries (gTLD and ccTLD registries), Internet Service Providers, intellectual property interests, business users, non-commercial users (such as academics, non-governmental organizations, non-profits and consumer advocates), individual Internet users and governments.
  • For details of policy processes, please visit the respective SO/AC websites:

Policy Updates

Each monthly issue of Policy Update provides the latest status of issues working their way through the bottom-up, consensus-based policy development process within ICANN. This newsletter accommodates ICANN newcomers and veterans by providing high-level explanations of a broad range of ICANN policy development activities, detailed updates on specific issues, and links to more information.

Complex policy matters require much study; and controversial issues stimulate much discussion within ICANN‘s multi-stakeholder community. The result: not every policy topic passes a significant milestone every month. Where there are new developments to report, Policy Update runs an article. If a matter is still progressing, but has not hit a newsworthy milestone since last month’s issue of Policy Update, we provide a link to the most recent past article. This approach makes it easy for you to scan new developments, while still providing background information with one-click convenience.

Policy Update increases your access to ICANN policy information, and you can get it delivered through a free online subscription. To receive Policy Update via e-mail every month, simply visit the ICANN Subscription page, enter your e-mail address, and then select ICANN Policy Update to subscribe.

We welcome questions or comments regarding ICANN Policy Update at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest and participation in ICANN policy development.

  • Policy Updates (ICANN)
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